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by Sara on June 05, 2021

Hello Alicia fans! Our gallery has now been updated with many new magazine scans of Alicia from 2019 and 2020. There are so many new additions that I’ll just link you to the categories rather than each album, and let you browse the new collection yourself.

by Sara on March 06, 2018

Following our big magazine update below, we’ve got another spread for you! Alicia and her Tomb Raider co-star Daniel Wu are covering the April issue of Vogue China to promote the film. Our gallery has been updated with two different versions of the cover, and we’ll hopefully have digital scans of the full feature soon. PS: Tomb Raider is set to hit the cinemas in China on March 16.

by Sara on March 06, 2018

Magazines, Magazines, Magazines! We’ve been blessed with a bunch of great spreads of Alicia in magazines world wide lately, and I’ve now finished adding her latest March and April spreads to our gallery. The biggest editorials have all gotten their own posts, but here’s an update on the many Tomb Raider features in different magazines. Enjoy browsing the digital scans, and make sure to pick up your own copies of the magazines you have in your area!

by Sara on February 28, 2018

Alicia can now be seen in 3 new magazines, in addition to the very many we’ve already posted about in the last couple of weeks! These are Glamour Mexico (March), Fotogramas Spain (March) and SFX Magazine (April). The Glamour one features different photoshoot images of Alicia then the rest so far this year, so this one is probably my favorite. All are part of the on-going “Tomb Raider” promotion, and they mostly discuss the film and Alicia’s preparation. I’ll translate the parts of the articles which give us new information this weekend, but it looks like most of the articles mention the same things we already know. But they still feature gorgeous photoshoots and stills, so make sure to pick up your own copies if you have them in your area! And head over to our gallery to find the digital scans:

by Sara on February 15, 2018

Hello Alicia fans! With the Tomb Raider premiere fast approaching, Alicia will likely be doing a lot of interviews, appear in several magazines and attend plenty of press related events the next few weeks. And it looks like the buzz is about to start now! As part of the film promotion, Alicia is currently covering three different magazines: Plaza Kvinna in Sweden, Grazia in Bulgaria and Glamour in Russia. These all feature stunning new photos of of our girl, and I can’t wait to see the full photoshoots!

You can check out a preview of the Plaza Kvinna cover at their official instagram here, and the two other covers below. I hope to have scans from the full spreads, as well as photoshoot outtakes, in the next coming days. Stay tuned!

by Sara on January 03, 2018

Hello Alicia fans, and happy new year! I hope you’ve all had the best possible start to the new year so far. For our first update this year, I have updated our gallery with some new magazine scans from different January and February issues. With Tomb Raider now only being two months away, Alicia will likely be featured in many magazines the next few weeks – make sure to follow us over at twitter for all the latest updates! The ones I’ve come across so far are Total Film, Empire and Cinemania. Thank you to my good friend Luciana from Jessica Chastain Network for sending some of these our way.

I have also added some events and Tomb Raider promotionals/posters which we were missing, so make sure to check out our “Last Uploads” as well. I’ll try not to fall behind again, as my schedule is finally easing up a bit. Stay tuned for many updates as we start getting ready for the Tomb Raider madness to begin!